Two friends were traveling across Southeast Asia. Ben & Merrick were their names, and they were caught in the middle of the biggest monsoon they’d ever seen… whilst riding mopeds… in shorts and t-shirts. Things weren’t looking great.

The two amigos were attempting a famous motorbike route known as the Hai Van Pass. A beautiful stretch of road in Vietnam between the two towns of Hoi An and Hue. However, because of the torrential rains, things were not going well. After breaking down dozens of times, the boys eventually made it to their hostel.. 6 hours later than originally planned.

As they were so late, the hostel kitchens had unfortunately closed, and the boys were left to wander the streets in search of food. Whilst perusing a small street market, they gazed their eyes upon a magnificent sight. Magical rolled ice cream being created from scratch. They returned to the UK, and launched the concept with great success.. but that’s another story.

During the winter, Ben & Merrick were experimenting with adding cookie dough bits to their ice cream. After months of experimenting, they stumbled upon a delicious recipe for raw cookie dough that could be eaten without being baked. This edible cookie dough tasted so good, they couldn’t stop eating it.

Then a cheeky thought arose. Why not put ice cream flavours into the cookie dough, instead of cookie dough into the ice cream? Now that is pretty cheeky. Cheeky Dough to be precise.

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