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During the winter, Ben & Merrick were experimenting with adding cookie dough bits to their ice cream. After months of experimenting, they stumbled upon a delicious recipe for raw cookie dough that could be eaten without being baked. This edible cookie dough tasted so good, they couldn’t stop eating it.

Then a cheeky thought arose. Why not put ice cream flavours into the cookie dough, instead of cookie dough into the ice cream? Now that is pretty cheeky. Cheeky Dough to be precise.

Fast forward a few years and Ben & Merrick have moved down under to Australia. Caroline and Tony stumbled upon Cheeky and we loved it so much we bought the company! And being the cheeky monkeys that we are, we thought how can we improve upon it? We have to tell you it was tough, because after trying other cookie doughs it was obvious that Cheeky Dough was the best! So Well, we decided more flavours, bigger pots (so that you can enjoy more of your favourite cookie dough), and a large vegan range so our vegetarian and vegan friends wouldn't miss out! Our vegan recipes are so good that many non-vegans have a vegan recipe as a favourite! 

So if you love edible cookie dough (and let's face it, who wouldn't?) then go shopping and see why we are the best.  And don't forget to join our Cheeky Club where you'll get exclusive access to the best offers, new flavours and so much more! 

Join the Cheeky Club today!

Cheeky Club members get access to:

  • New flavours before they go on general sale

  • Exclusive VIP member only offers

  • Loyalty Discount Scheme

  • Cookie dough recipe ideas and so much more!


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